Your Abridged Guide To Hand Tied Extensions

Your Abridged Guide To Hand Tied Extensions

Around 68% of women are unhappy with the way their hair looks. Many would love to have thicker and longer locks, which makes hair extensions an incredibly popular choice. Hand tied extensions create a gorgeous look that many women clamor to get when visiting a salon. Here’s your complete guide to hand tied extensions.

What Are Hand Tied Extensions?

Hand tied extensions are wefts or curtains of hair that are applied to the scalp. Silicone beads matching the same color as the client’s natural hair are placed on the hair. The stylist then sews these wefts onto the beads by hand, which is similar to braiding and securely attaches it to the hair. The wefts are layered depending on how much volume is desired. The result is a seamless look that is undetectable even if you put your hair up in a ponytail.

Plan on the process taking around three to six hours to complete at any of the hair extension salons near you. You’ll need to allow plenty of time to get your hair washed, dried, and colored. You’ll spend time going through various choices of individual hair extensions and get recommendations from the stylist. Then after the process is finished, your new hair will be styled and set.

How Do You Maintain Them?

Hand tied extensions can last for up to a year with proper maintenance. The hair extensions must be moved on the client’s head about every 6 weeks. You will need to make appointments with the hair extensions salon to have the stylist remove the sewn thread, reapply new beds, and sew the weft back on. This process can take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

You need to be extra careful when washing and conditioning your hair to avoid any pulling and loosening. Avoid washing your hair upside or piling it on your head. Only use styling products that are alcohol-free. When sleeping, use a satin pillow to help your curls stay in place and put your hair up in a loose ponytail or two braids. Put a swim cap on in salt or chlorine water to prevent your hair from fading or discoloration.

Hand tied extensions are a fantastic way to get luxurious locks at an affordable price. With the proper maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful hair for a long time. The result will be so amazing that you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get them in the first place!