Why Microbeaded Hair Extensions Are the Best for You

microbeaded extensions

Why Microbeaded Hair Extensions Are the Best for You

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to get the long, luscious, flowing locks you’ve been wanting to have. There are many types of hair extensions that you can get from our salon in Beverly Hills. But if you’re after semi-permanent extensions that won’t damage your natural hair, we recommend microbead hair extensions (also known as I-tip extensions).

These extensions use locks of natural or synthetic hair that have been prepped and treated (e.g., deep conditioned, dyed, straightened, or curled) beforehand. When you come and set an appointment for our microbead hair extensions in Beverly Hills, you only have to sit on the chair, put your feet up, read a magazine, and let our talented hairstylists do all the work.

Microbead hair extensions are ready-to-attach and trimmed according to the length you want to achieve (no need to wait months or years to grow out your hair!). Hair extensions are semi-permanent, which means you won’t be spending money for a one-night-only look. You can enjoy your locks for two or more months, or longer with proper care and maintenance.

What You’ll Love About Microbeaded Extensions

Microbeaded extensions are an ideal solution for a perfect hair makeover because they are highly customizable and they can work with almost any budget. Here’s why you should consider getting these amazing extensions this year.

1. Weightless Hair

Certain extensions such as glue-in or clip-in extensions can put extra weight on your hair. This can be painful and damage your natural hair. Nobody wants scalp pain and broken hair to come with hair extensions. Microbeaded extensions put little strain on your natural hair and blend seamlessly into your hairline. You won’t even feel or notice they’re there and you can style your hair with ease.

2. Long Lasting Durability

Microbeaded extensions can securely stay in place for around two to three months. It’s recommended that you visit your stylist after about six to eight weeks with your extensions to ensure everything is looking good. Your hair grows by roughly half an inch each month, so it’s important to check that everything is staying in its proper place. And if you’re really looking for quality and durability, look for hair extensions made from human hair.

3. Easy On The Scalp

As we covered earlier these extensions are non-damaging to hair. Fortunately, that also means they’re easier on the scalp. Sometimes other forms of extensions can irritate the skin on your scalp or even cause damage to your hair follicles. Not to mention the weight of cheaper extensions — talk about a headache. Microbeaded extensions, on the other hand. don’t rely on damaging glue or heat treatments for application. So if you have sensitive skin, you won’t have to worry about any harsh reactions.

Microbead Hair Extensions: How It’s Done

The process of installing microbead or I-tip extensions is very simple, although it can take an hour or three, depending on the volume of hair you want to achieve.

Using a tool that’s similar to a crochet needle, we thread a tiny section of your hair through a bead and leave just enough room to insert an I-tip weft as well. After making sure that the bead and weft are in place (near the scalp) and there are no tangled hair strands, we use a specially-designed clamping tool to flatten or crimp the bead and lock the weft in place. We repeat this process until we have a straight row of beaded extensions (we can also add another row if you want more volume) across the back of your head.

That’s it! No heat, glue, or chemicals are necessary for installing I-tip extensions. You’ll get more hair volume and length and spare your real hair and scalp from damage.

Let’s Talk About Beads

There are many types of beads for I-tip hair extensions, and each of them is designed for a specific hair type.

1. Silicone beads

These are the most preferred versions of beads because they offer extra protection for your natural hair. The inside of each metal bead is lined with soft silicone, which pads your hair strands and prevents the bead from sliding off.

2. Grooved beads

Ideal for naturally glossy hair, these beads have grooves on the insides that lock in place when pressed or crimped. The design ensures that the bead and weft stay firmly in place and won’t accidentally slide off when pulled.

3. Flare beads

These beads are exactly like the grooved beads, only longer. They’re ideal for thin and sensitive hair that’s prone to breaking. The length of the beads spread the pressure over a longer area, ensuring that the wefts have a strong hold on your natural hair. 

Besides having a variety of designs, microbeads also come in different colors. There’s no need to worry if you get your extensions done by a fully equipped salon with experienced stylists: they will make sure the color of the beads matches your new wefts perfectly.

Simple Maintenance

Microbeaded hair is simple to care for and maintain. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to keep your locks silky smooth. If you apply heat with a curling iron, be sure to use a heat protectant spray first. It’s also recommended that you brush your hair from the bottom to the top when combing out any knots. As long as you eliminate as much interaction with the beads while taking care of your hair, it’ll be a breeze to keep your hair looking great.

Effortless Updates

If you want to change up your look, these extensions provide an effortless way to freshen things up. You can grab a different color hair extension or two to blend the new extensions in with your current set. If you like to frequently change your hair color, this can be an ideal solution rather than causing damage to your hair with dye chemicals.

Microbeaded extensions can give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll get a great new hairdo at an affordable price that’s easy to care for and won’t damage your head. Schedule an appointment today at one of the hair extension salons near you!