How to Wash Your Extensions Properly

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How to Wash Your Extensions Properly

Thanks to hair extensions, you can achieve long and gorgeous locks without waiting for months. The right extensions enhance your confidence and beauty while looking flawlessly natural in the process. But while hair extensions are lovely additions to any look, there comes the point where you need to clean them — and this is where everything gets tricky.

Hair extensions require a different kind of cleaning from natural human hair. You can’t just use any shampoo or hair cleaning product. If you’re not careful, you might damage your hair extensions. Salons that offer hair extensions in Beverly Hills, CA, recommend taking it easy with your extensions.

Here at Chaviv Hair, we make sure you get the most out of your extensions. We’ve put together a simple guide to help you wash and care for your hair extensions.

Step One: Brush Your Hair Extensions

Brush your extensions before you wash them. It lessens the possibility of tangling during and after hair washing. When brushing your extensions, brush them from bottom to top to gently remove tough knots without pulling the hairs out. Use a soft-bristle brush or a wide-tooth comb to work on your extensions.

Before you wash your extensions, place your wefts on top of each other in a bundle. This is to prevent the hair from tangling with the clips as you wash them.

Step Two: Prepare Your Sink

Clean your sink first before you clean your extensions. Once you’ve cleaned the sink, plug the drain and fill it up with lukewarm water. Refrain from washing your extensions in water that is too hot or too cold; otherwise, you could damage the strands.

Squirt a small amount of shampoo (about two to three pumps) into the water and disperse the product evenly. When washing your extensions, use hair cleaning products that are sulfate-free, alcohol-free, and designed for color-treated hair extensions.

Step Three: Shampoo and Condition Each Weft

Moisturize your extensions with alcohol-free and sulfate-free conditioner before shampooing. Just like your natural hair, you can also skip shampoo days and co-wash your extensions with conditioner.

Wash each weft one at a time to prevent tangling and ensure each weft is washed thoroughly. If you are short on time, bundle the extensions with an elastic band and wash them carefully. Hold the weft one hand at the top, put it in the water, and wash it gently with shampoo. Refrain from rubbing the extensions vigorously to keep them in good shape.

Step Four: Use a Hair Mask or Deep Conditioner

This crucial step makes sure that your hair extensions will remain soft and moisturized. Similar to your favorite conditioner, take a good amount of the product and work it into each weft from top to bottom. For the conditioner or hair mask to work its magic, bundle your extensions, coil them and place them in a shower cap to leave overnight. Doing so seals in your extensions’ moisture.

Step Five: Rinse Out Your Extensions

The next morning, rinse out each weft and make sure there is no shampoo or conditioner residue left. Avoid washing the hair halfway because the leftover product on the hair can weigh it down, which also makes it look greasy when dry.

Once you’ve finished the wash process, air dry your extensions and give it a good brush. Once all of the strands are dry, your hair extensions are good to go!

Do you need more help with caring for your extensions? Get in touch with Chaviv Hair.