How to Apply Skin Weft Hair Extensions Like a Pro

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How to Apply Skin Weft Hair Extensions Like a Pro

Skin weft extensions are hair extensions held together with a strip of adhesive tape. These are often available in long and wide sections, with some already styled for your convenience. Unlike other types of hair extensions, the skin weft type is relatively easier to attach to your natural hair. Additionally, its unique design doesn’t use the thin plastic strips other extensions use. This gives you beautiful extensions that seamlessly blend in with your natural hair once attached.

Simple Steps to Attaching Your Skin Weft Extensions

Skin weft tape extensions are readily available anywhere, from Beverly Hills to New York. You can have them professionally attached, or you can choose to do it yourself. If you’re leaning towards the latter, there are some things to keep in mind to make sure it goes well.

Step 1: Measure the area where you will attach the extensions.

Part your hair horizontally at the back of your head. From your nape, measure about two to three inches up to your hair. Put the top section of the part in a clip to keep it away from the bottom half.

Step 2: Separate your hair into sections for attachment.

At the bottom half of the initial part, find the base of your scalp and measure out an inch of hair. Tie the middle part of your hair to keep it away from this area. Then, comb the bottom section to smoothen it out for the extensions.

Step 3: Apply glue to your skin weft extension.

Apply latex extension glue on the area with the adhesive tape. Do this on the rough side of the tape strip to make sure it won’t come off. Then, place the extension about an inch away from your roots.

Step 4: Press the extension to your hair to secure it.

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Once you’ve placed the extension on your chosen area, press it down with your fingers. Put the appropriate amount of pressure to make sure it sticks to your hair. Hold this position for about 30 to 40 seconds, so the glue has time to dry. Repeat steps 1 to 4 with the rest of your extensions.

Step 5: Fix and style your hair after attaching the extensions.

After attaching all of your extensions, brush your hair to smooth it out. Then, you can proceed with styling it any way you want.

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