How to Achieve the Perfect Beach Hair without Visiting the Ocean

How to Achieve the Perfect Beach Hair without Visiting the Ocean

hand tied extensionsWhen you’re not good at doing your hair, the perfect beachy hair might seem impossible to reach. But this popular hairstyle trend is certainly here to stay, especially with big-name stars like Kate Hudson and Lauren Conrad leading the charge.

Luckily, achieving the best bombshell beach look is easier than ever with these simple tricks. Ditch the beach and form the perfect waves in your own home with these style options.

Invest in a good sea salt spray

These carefree waves are beautiful because of the rich, salty water offered by a day at the beach. It’s because of this combination of humidity and salt that your hair dries into elegant waves when you spend a lot of time near the ocean. If you don’t live near the ocean, however, you can still achieve this look at home with a good sea salt spray.

The best part? It works for everyone, regardless of hair type. Simply part your hair into sections and liberally apply sea salt spray, either store-bought or homemade. By the time it dries, you’ll have beautiful waves with no effort.

Try a flat iron

Instead of struggling to find the perfect formula for beach waves with your curling iron, rely on your hair straightener for loose waves with minimal effort. Simply separate your hair into chunks and twist the straightener as you pull it down on your locks. Do this in alternating patterns to achieve an effortless look.

Get beautiful hair extensions

How do you think top celebrities are able to manage their luscious locks every day? Through celebrity hair extensions, of course!

When you want the perfect beachy look that will last for days, invest in gorgeous hand tied extensions. Individual hair extensions will stay in your hair for weeks and it will offer the volume, length, and texture you’ve always wanted. Instead of struggling with countless mousses, volumizing sprays, and creams, opt for low effort, non damaging extensions through skin wefts or microbeads. You can even experiment with ombre extensions to get that sunkissed look only the beach can offer.

It’s no wonder the hair extension market is worth around $5 billion. Achieve the celebrity beach waves you’ve always wanted with the help of the hand tied extensions offered by Chaviv Hair. Even though spring hasn’t yet arrived, this summer look will stand out in every season.