Hand Tied Extentions 101: Commonly Asked Questions

hand tied extensions

Hand Tied Extentions 101: Commonly Asked Questions

In the course of her lifetime, the average woman changes her hairstyle about 150 times. Most of these style changes will involve trimming hair into new lengths and shapes, braiding, or dying hair for a fun new look. However, when a woman is looking for more length and volume in a short period of time, hair extensions offer a quick and gorgeous solution.

Today, the hair extension pieces that can be bought in a store are tied by machines at high speeds. However, customers looking for something different can still purchase hand tied extensions. Hand tied hair extensions are a more traditional and customized lengthening method. Though a bit vintage, these extensions continue to be a beautiful lengthening option.

What Are Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

Hand tied refers to both the way wefts of hair are made and the way they are attached to the head. The wefts themselves are sewn by hand, and then a stylist weaves the weft into a customer’s hair using fine thread. The attachment process requires a skilled craftsperson and an hour or more of patience. Since this technique involves very thin thread and small bundles of hair, the extension lays flatter against the head than other methods.

What Are the Benefits of Hand Tied Over Machine Tied Extensions?

While every method of hair extension has benefits and drawbacks, hand tied might be one of the best options for customers in search of non damaging extensions. Individuals with fine hair benefit from hand tied extensions because the thin wefts look more natural in their hair. Many consider hand tied wefts to be a work of art because they are intimately made and often custom-fitted. Hand tied extensions also have a lightweight, natural feel, and some individuals prefer hand tied over glue or tape extensions because hand tying does not require heat treatment.

Do They Require Special Care?

Like all hair extensions, hand tied extensions should be washed and styled with the utmost care to protect their appearance. Hand tied wefts also come with unique complications during attachment. For example, hand tied wefts cannot be cut like other wefted extensions, since the whole piece would quickly unravel. Finally, hand tied extensions may take longer to attach and tighten than microbead extensions.

Hand tied extensions are a great option for individuals looking for a lightweight and natural lengthening option. Though they may take a bit longer, these high-quality and traditional extensions provide customers with a unique and artful option.

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