Hair Extensions Can Lengthen a Woman’s Self-Esteem

Hair Extensions Can Lengthen a Woman’s Self-Esteem


hair extensionsWant to change the way you look — and feel — about yourself? The best way may be a trip to your favorite hair salon for glamorous hair extensions. In a recent HairRx study conducted with 1,000 women between the ages of 30 and 60, 80% said that their hair length affected their self-esteem. Now, women are turning to hair extensions to boost their hair length and their confidence.

Hair extensions have been popular in Los Angeles salons for years. Now, they are becoming a growing trend across the country. The growing popularity is, in part, thanks to the fact that hair extensions work with all types of hair. For example, there are non damaging extensions if you want to try something new and dyed options for a fun and flirty look. Expert stylists can even style hand tied extensions.

Hair Extension Options

There are many types of hair extensions that can give you an individualized look. Keratin hair extensions can work to strengthen your natural hair while microbeaded extensions create an elaborate beauty and shimmer. For more sophisticated styles, there are ombre extensions. These options are becoming more popular with African American women since they come in a range of styles from lustrous long waves to tight braids.

Luckily, there are many salons that specialize in hair extensions. That is a perfect option if you are choosing your first hair extension.

A popular style that is created with straight hair extensions is the mermaid. The hair can be dyed in up to 10 colors and made into waves that flow down the back.

Wefted hair extensions, in particular, are becoming the rage. They are made from human and synthetic hair. Human hair can even be cut to match your style. Choosing the right option simply depends on your personal preference. You can get ideas on what look is best for you from magazines, your stylist and your friends.

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Hair extensions are a fun and dynamic way to jazz up your look. They can transform you and show off your fashion sense. Use your imagination when choosing your hair extensions. You can wear a dramatic braided up-dom or go for exotic Brazilian waves. The choice is yours. You are sure to get compliments from your hair extensions.

The great thing about hair extensions is that they are versatile. You can wear long hair in many ways to suit your mood. And once it is time to remove it, you can always try another look!

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