Bespoke Individual Hair Extensions

There’s nothing worse than flat and lifeless hair. Chaviv Hair’s I-Tip hair extensions in Beverly Hills can give you full, bouncy, flowing hair in just a matter of minutes.

The micro ring process

Also known as shoelace tip or cold fusion, individual hair extensions are attached to your hair using the Micro-Ring process. This method makes use of either a hook or loop to insert hair through a small, metal ring. The micro ring extensions are compressed using special pliers to keep them in place.


Instant length and volume


Cold fusion hair extensions help you achieve that extra dimension you’ve always dreamed of. This way, you do not have to wait very long for your hair to grow. You can add about 12 to 22 inches, depending on your preferred product and method.


Unlimited styles


I-Tip extensions offer an instant solution to bad hair days. With the additional length, volume, and color, you can easily turn a simple bun, braid, or ponytail into a runway-worthy look.


No need to expose your natural hair to potentially harsh dyes and colors.  Extensions allow you to safely experiment with colors until you find the perfect shade. They also save your natural hair from excessive bleaching and dryness.

Easy maintenance


Hair extensions are made for people who have limited time to get ready. They reduce styling time and add effortless glamour to everyday looks.


Just like natural hair, you simply brush, shampoo, and condition your extensions to keep them strong and stunning. Apart from avoiding hair products with alcohol, oil, or silicone content, your daily routine can pretty much remain the same.


Hair extensions you’ll love


Chaviv Hair creates beautiful and bespoke hair extensions to empower women all over the world. Our high standards and attention to detail have made us the go-to stylist by many A-listers from Kylie Jenner to Margot Robbie. All of our hair extensions are made from the finest, imported Slavic hair, cut and styled for that natural looking finish.

Achieve longer, fuller hair in no time


Chaviv Hair is the number one choice for individual hair extensions in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. We’ll help you attain your hair goals with stylish, low-maintenance extensions made from genuine Slavic hair.


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