Celebrity-approved Clip-in Bangs

Bangs or no bangs? Chaviv Hair offers the finest and most natural-looking clip-in bang extensions in Beverly Hills. From bold to side-swept, our clip-in bangs allow you to experiment and achieve the perfect look for you.

Types of bang extensions



While regular bangs typically stop just before your eyebrows, micro-bangs or “baby bangs” sit at least an inch or two above your brows. These super short bangs can lend a retro touch for both short and long hair.


Wispy bangs


Wispy bangs are soft, lightly feathered strands that barely touch the brows. They can flatter longer face shapes and soften sharp jawlines. If you have fine hair and can’t commit to a full fringe, then clip-in bang extensions are your best bet.


Side-swept bangs


Side-swept bangs flatter almost any style and face shape. Whether it’s a classic pixie cut side-swept a la Michelle Williams, or an edgy curtain fringe like Alexa Chung’s, side bangs add texture and drama to any look.


Full bangs


A full fringe is a timeless accessory that can transform any look in a matter of minutes. Full bangs bring attention to your eyes and conceal fine lines or a high forehead.


Celebrity-approved clip-on bang extensions


100% genuine Slavic hair


Hair extensions take different forms and qualities. Chaviv Hair uses the finest line of imported Slavic Hair to give your hair natural richness. All our tape-ins can be applied with ease to give you a relaxing and meaningful treatment.


Hair stylists you can trust


Trusting someone with your hair is a nerve-wracking experience. A great hair stylist should be someone you can rely on. At Chaviv Hair, we listen and show genuine concern for each client. Our extensive product and trend knowledge allow us to cut, style, and create the best clip on bangs in Beverly Hills.

Say goodbye to bad hair days


Look effortlessly gorgeous any time of the day with Chaviv Hair’s clip-in bangs made from real hair. Whether you’re in the mood for side-swept bangs or a full fringe, our extensions offer instant length, volume, and style.


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