Fickle Follicles: How To Change Your Hairstyle Without Causing Damage

Fickle Follicles: How To Change Your Hairstyle Without Causing Damage

Changing your hair is one of the best feelings in the world. Cutting off your luscious locks or dyeing your hair another color is not only trendy, but it’s also liberating. For the people who like to change their hair often, however, near-constant dyeing may not be sustainable in the long run.

Whether you’re sick of your style or hate a new cut, it’s estimated that nearly 68% of women are unhappy with the appearance of their hair. If you’re one of the many people who wish to change up their look without making permanent changes, here are some tips to diversify your look — and prevent future damage.

Invest in great hair products

You would be surprised how much a little product goes a long way. If you’re sick of your drab locks and hoping for a change, try styling it a little differently. Invest in mousse, hair spray, and different texturizing products to add lift and volume to otherwise lifeless hair. With these products, you can slick your hair back, change your part, or add volume at the drop of a hat (without raiding your closet for hair-covering hats). After a simple wash, you can style your hair in a completely new way the next day.

Try out some tools

You should also experiment with curling wands and straightening irons if you want to play with texture and length. There are countless videos available online to help teach you the proper technique for any type of tool. Just be sure to get a heat protector spray to ensure your hair stays healthy if you like high temperatures. No need to get a perm if you perfect your curling process.

Rely on a variety of hair extensions

Have you ever wondered how a celebrity’s hair can go from a short bob to a lion’s mane in just a week? Here’s a hint: they haven’t been taking extreme doses of vitamin B12.

These fashionistas rely on celebrity hair extensions to change their look. Though it may seem like this is a tool used only be the rich and famous, European hair extensions are made for any type of hairstyle, cut, or color. Hand tied extensions ensure your hair will look and feel natural, even if it isn’t your own. Whether you opt for microbeaded extensions or trendy ombré extensions, you can rest assured that these non damaging extensions will give you a new look without hurting the hair on your head. Ombré extensions also prevent you from making any hasty dye decisions that could fry your locks.

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