Buying Hair Extensions: A Quick Guide To Help You Out

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Buying Hair Extensions: A Quick Guide To Help You Out

According to Fortune Magazine, the hair extensions market is a billion-dollar industry. This is a market that continues to grow at a 2.7% rate, and it’s expected that the growth rate will reach 3% within the next few years. Hair extensions are ideal in making your dream of having beautiful and long hair a reality. Planning to buy hair extensions today or in the near future? There are a number of things that you need to know in order to get the best results.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Research shows that a whopping 68% of women don’t like their hair. You need not worry if you are part of this statistic. Thanks to clip-in extensions, it is possible to have long and thick hair in a few minutes. If this sounds like something you would like, visiting one of the hair extension salons in Beverly Hills is all you need to do. These hair extensions have clips that keep them attached to your natural hair. Clip-in extensions are the best if you want a fast and simple solution that guarantees attractive and longer hair without much hassle.

Choose a Hair Extension That Suits You

When the time to buy hair extensions comes, make sure that you pick one matching your lifestyle and natural hair. If you are fond of activities such as dancing, playing, and swimming, clip-in extensions will serve you well. This is because the design of clip-in extensions helps maintain appropriate hygiene. With proper care, these wefted extensions will even outlast other types of hair extensions. Should you wish to learn about other hair extension options available today, passing by a hair extensions salon will help you.

Hair Extensions Lifespan

The longevity of hair extensions depends on the type. Moreover, how well you care for the extension determines its durability. Now that you plan to buy hair extensions, you most probably want one that is long-lasting. Durability goes a long way in helping you enjoy the value of each penny paid. If you were to ask one of the professionals in hair extension salons, he/she will tell you that clip-in extensions are a long-lasting option. Buying topnotch quality clip-in hair extensions almost guarantees you six months of service or more.

Hair Damage

The manner of hair extension application determines if they will cause hair damage or not. Though some permanent extensions do cause damage, the use of temporary ones helps prevent natural hair damage. Clip-in extensions are a good example of temporary hair extensions that keep natural hair damage at bay. You need to avoid putting excess pressure on your hair, and avoid sleeping with extensions. In short, you can never go wrong with temporary options such as clip-in hair extensions if preventing hair damage is what you have in mind.

Hair Extensions with the Right Color

When you go to buy hair extensions, you will notice that there are many different extension varieties. You will come across extensions ranging in terms of dimension, depth, and movement. With the many shade and color varieties, you have no excuse not to choose hair extensions with the right color. Hair extensions that complement your natural hair are the best. If pinpointing the best hair extension color seems difficult, doing an online search will give you an idea. Talking to experts in hair extensions Beverly Hills will also point you in the right direction.

Hair Extensions and Short Hair

You’re free to use extensions if your hair is at least six inches. With such hair length, extensions blend flawlessly to allow you to enjoy a hairstyle of your choice. In case you have shorter hair, heavier hair extensions are the way to go. They will bring out a perfect blend of your wefts and natural hair. Avoid lightweight extensions when having short hair so as not to have a stringy and unnatural look. However, should your hair be both light and short, then lighter extension are worth a try.

Hair Styling

Hair extensions styling in various ways is possible. The market today has hair extensions that you can blow-dry, style, curl, and straighten. However, protecting your hair extension is important when styling. Always use a heat protection spray before styling to keep your hair extension looking elegant.