Balding? Learn the Benefits of Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Balding? Learn the Benefits of Hand Tied Hair Extensions

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A considerable number of people in the United States are experiencing hair loss and many can do little to stop its progression. Most of them have been looking for all sorts of solutions available since few can’t imagine losing their luscious locks. In fact, more than 47% of hair loss sufferers claim they are even willing to spend their life savings so that they can have hair on their heads.

Hand tied extensions presents one of the most reliable solutions that people with hair loss can choose to fix this common issue. Hand tied extensions present a bulk volume of hair that is hand-stitched to the hair you already have. There are many people out there who prefer hand tied extensions over machine tied extensions due to the following benefits:

They’re Individually Stitched

Hand tied extensions are just what they have been called: hand-tied. They are individually stitched to the hair you already have rather than applied via a machine. This means that your hair stylist will be able to integrate these extensions where you need them most, promoting volume all over your head. Many people prefer these types of Slavic hair extensions since they look more natural than other extension options.

They Offer High Precision

Precision is an important aspect when it comes to hair extensions. Nobody wants to have cheaply wefted extensions that come from an unreliable source. Rather, hand tied extensions that have been stitched together by a keen-eyed stylist will achieve the best results.

Natural Appearance

Hand tied wefts continue to be the best in the industry thanks to their natural appearance. The organic appearance of hair is essential when you want to conceal the fact that you’re losing your hair. With hand tied extensions connected directly to your hair, you can achieve the natural look you want even though you’re using artificial hair.

You Can Change Your Look

Hand tied extensions can be changed to meet the specific needs and preferences of a person. This means that you can increase the length to have long hair or choose another color when you want to dye your hair. You can also reduce the length of Russian hair extensions to rock a short bob that you can easily manage. This is perfect for the person who likes to change up their look every few months.

They’re Comfortable

Hand tied extensions are also comfortable. You may even forget it’s not your natural hair! Some of the aspects that make natural hair extensions more attractive include; being less bulky, less visible, micro-thin, and are very strong. This plays a significant role in avoiding shedding.

Celebrity hair extensions are common extensions that are used by celebrities to increase the volume and the length of their hair. For the best in natural, hand tied extensions, rely on the quality products of Chaviv Hair today.