8 Habits That Destroy Hair Extensions

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8 Habits That Destroy Hair Extensions

Out of America’s 158.6 million female population, 58.7 million of them use hair extensions. This tells you that hair extensions are in high demand in the 21st century. But if your ombré extensions or weft extensions are exhibiting signs of damage, quality might not be the problem. In fact, the culprit behind the damage could be environmental factors as well as your daily habits. Read on to learn more.

1. Air Pollutants

From keratin extensions to hand-tied extensions, air pollutants such as smoke and smog are known to form a layer on hair extensions. These pollutants make them look dusty, dull and dry. Therefore, if you smoke or live in a polluted area, avoiding smoking and covering your hair extension with a silky cloth is advised.

2. Using Over-drying and Harsh Products

Most hair extension salons advocate for the use of moisture-rich conditioners and shampoos that are alcohol-free. This is for good reason as these products laced with excess alcohol are known to damage hair extensions. Likewise, always go for extension cleansers that do not contain phosphates and sulfates. If appropriate cleansers aren’t available at your local store, hair extension salons in town will point you in the right direction.

3. Bad Washing Habits

As experts in hair salons will tell you under and over-washing your extensions cause heavy damage. Your hair extension will smell awful and appear lifeless in case you don’t wash it appropriately. Over-washing your extension, on the other hand, wipes out moisture and leaves it dry. Most hairstylists recommend washing extensions once a week to keep them looking their best.

4. Cutting or Trimming Hair Extensions

There is no doubt that trimming and cutting help in extension maintenance but this might mean damaged hair if overdone. If you like getting regular trims natural hair oils are essential for keeping your hair hydrated. With proper hydration, you can rest assured that harmful radicals that cause extension damage will be kept at bay.

5. Improper Handling

Quality hair extensions are usually silky, cuticle-free and smooth when new. However, they can get tangled, frizzy, and even lack shine when not handled properly. This simply means that you should visit hair extensions salons that ensure you get a gentle touch. Your self-care routine should follow suit. A good way to go about this is by using wide teeth combs and brushes. Moreover, only use rubber bands and bobby pins when necessary as they can sometimes damage the hair extension structure.

6. Use of Harsh Glues

Sticking extensions to the hair using harsh glues not only damages the extension but also your scalp and natural hair as well. The good news is that hair extension salons can help you get glues that are friendly to your hair and scalp. Keep in mind that scalp damage can open the doors to other opportunistic infections that warrant medical help.

7. Hot Hair Styling

The use of hot iron hair styling tools, dryers, and rollers is a sure-fire way of making extensions frizzy. Unlike properly drying the extension, such approaches have high temperatures that do more harm than good. The high temperatures make things worse by bonding natural hair and synthetic glue. Avoiding the use of high-temperature tools is wise because rejuvenating the hair extension can be very difficult.

8. Mold Growth

Just like cleaning your hair extension, it is equally important to make sure that it dries completely. Failure to adequately dry your extensions comes with a risk of high moisture content that can result in mold proliferation. To avoid this, always ensure that your extensions are completely dry, particularly in the inner sections.


Hair extensions help add a tad more of beauty. However, proper care is mandatory if you aim at getting the best results. If any of the above habits sound like you, making the necessary change today will help keep your extension in topnotch condition.