What Are the Different Ways You Can Use Hair Extensions?

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What Are the Different Ways You Can Use Hair Extensions?

Are you considering buying hair extensions, but wondering if it’s a worthwhile purchase? After all, aren’t hair extensions a “for special events” or “when I’m feeling my looks” day wear only? You might feel hesitant in splurging on gorgeous locks because you might be thinking: “What if I end up using them for just a day and never again?”

Although most people use hair extensions to enjoy long locks immediately, there are many more uses for extensions that make your extensions worth the investment.

Add Volume

Heat-less individual hair extensions in Beverly Hills transforms your thin hair into thick and gorgeous locks. Hair extensions add dimension and body to your hair, which gives your crowning glory a bouncier and livelier look.

To add volume to your hair using extensions, stack two wefts on top of the other to create a big weft for more volume. You can also use a volumizer weft to thicken up your hair.

Add Fullness to Your Messy Bun or Ponytail

Don’t settle for a sad and limp ponytail. Instead, give your ponytail an extra bounce or add volume to your messy buns by clipping in hair extensions. Whether you’re after a fun braided ponytail or wish to have Ariana Grande’s immaculate long ponytail, all you need is a few wefts of hair extension to transform your ponytail into a bouncy and perky ‘do.  As for your messy buns, all you have to do is twist your thicker ponytail on itself, put it in place with some bobby pins, and strut around town with a messier and fuller bun.

Create Longer and Thicker Braids

Those braids you see on Pinterest are achievable with hair extensions. Strategically clip a few wefts throughout your head before you braid your hair. Whether it’s a Dutch braid or the classic 3-strand braid, you can use hair extensions to achieve thicker and longer braids instantly.

Add Color and Highlights

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Are you bored with your current hair color? Are you dying to experiment with colors but are hesitant to dye your hair permanently?

Achieve your dream balayage and ombre look (minus the bleach!) with hair extensions. From giving your hair subtle sun-kissed balayage highlights to adding a touch of ombre to your hair, extensions enable you to change your hair color in just a few minutes.

Just add a volumizer weft in a shade lighter than your natural hair color for subtle highlights. It will only take a few wefts and a few minutes to transform your hair.


The sky’s the limit with your hair extension creativity. For example, you can finish off your ponytail by clipping a separate 1-clip wt underneath your ponytail then wrapping your hair for a neat look. If you want to create a braided crown, take a 3-clip weft and braid your hair separately. You can also use your hair extensions to create faux bangs for a bouncy hair look!

Accentuate Your Hairstyle

Instead of styling your hair permanently, use add-on extensions to accentuate your hair. Use buns, ponytails, or clip-ins. They give you a different look and still show off your natural hair.

The hairstyle possibilities are endless with hair extensions! Give your crowning glory a gorgeous look without the stress with hair extensions.

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