3 Ways to Boost the Volume in Your Hair

3 Ways to Boost the Volume in Your Hair

individual hair extensionsFine, thin hair isn’t often considered luxurious but it’s a struggle that many women deal with on a daily basis. Even with blow drying and texturizing sprays, you might still find it difficult to add volume to flat hair. This can be frustrating but it can even drain your confidence over time.

When it comes to perfecting your hairstyle, most women wish they had more volume in their luscious locks. If you’re trying to boost your hair and develop a style you love, here are three ways you can achieve the volume you’ve always wanted.

Invest in a great dry shampoo


People with finer hair often have oily hair. If your hair gets limp and greasy throughout the day, these oils are likely weighing your hair down and promoting a flatter look. As such, you probably have to shampoo your hair every day to keep annoying oils at bay.

If you’ve never used a dry shampoo, now is the time to start. Whether you’re using dry shampoo on a no-shower day or as a midday pick-me-up, a quality dry shampoo will make your hair look great and appear bigger. This is because dry shampoos suck up all the oils and dirt in your hair while adding texture and bounce. You can even use dry shampoo right after blow drying to prevent that slippery, clean feeling from weighing down your locks. Just be sure to shake the can well before using the product.

Ditch the heat


Heated styling products will eventually wear down your hair follicles, making them brittle and flat. Inevitably, your hair will break off and look thinner the more you use these products. Try lowering the heat on your blow dryer and flat iron if you can’t resist styling your hair every day. You should also invest in a great thermal protector to keep your hair from frying.

Get individual hair extensions


Non damaging hair extensions are a great way to add volume without permanently changing your look. This is great since the average woman will change her hair around 150 times in her lifetime. Hand tied extensions are gentle on your hair and scalp and they look better than strips of extensions which can create parts in your look.

Individual hair extensions look the most natural since they’re placed in strategic locations throughout your hair. This way, you never need to worry about your hair looking thicker in only one spot and they will last much longer. A well-blended application of individual hair extensions can add volume, bounce, and texture to otherwise flat hair.

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