3 Tips to Help You Get Glam for Graduation

3 Tips to Help You Get Glam for Graduation

non damaging extensionsWith graduation right around the corner, you want the perfect outfit for the occasion. After all, this is a special day and one that will be commemorated for years to come. Between the photo ops and the fancy dinner to honor your accomplishments, you deserve to look just as good as you feel. And trust us, there will be dozens of photos taken on your special day.

If you’re stuck looking for ways to spruce up your graduation look, here are three simple ways to look mesmerizing this May.

Focus on your feet

Graduation day styles can be hit and miss, mostly because you’ll be covered by a bulky robe when you go on stage. When you want to look good in front of the crowd, choose shoes that show off your personality. Fun straps will ensure your shoe stays in place while a simple wedge will offer more stability than a stiletto will on stage. Focus on a color that will complement your graduation robes and the attire underneath. It can be a challenge to coordinate these clashing colors, but choosing a neutral shoe color will always be a safe bet.

Don’t go overboard with makeup

Many people will want to wear a full face of glam makeup on the day of graduation, but hot weather and close quarters might do more harm than good. Between sweaty surroundings and more than a few shed tears, you’re better off choosing a simple makeup look for the special day. Be sure to wear waterproof mascara and take it easy on the foundation which might sweat off quickly.

Invest in non damaging extensions

The hair extension industry has been growing at a rate of 2.7% each year, and for good reason: countless women love the look and feel of non damaging extensions for their hair. It’s a great way to look glam without committing to a long-term new look. This is essential when you want to wow on graduation day. Whether you have short hair or simply want to add volume to your luscious locks on graduation day, Chaviv Hair has countless non damaging extensions to choose from.

Skin wefts, tape extensions, and microbeaded extensions are three options that look great and won’t damage your hair at the end of the day. Opt for trendy ombré extensions for a pop of color or choose hand tied extensions for a natural look.

When you want to add glam to your graduation, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Chaviv Hair for more information today.