I-Tipped hair extensions are also known as: shoelace tip, Flash Point and cold fusion. These extensions are applied by using a pulling tool, either a hook or loop, which pulls the client’s hair through a very small micro ring. The I-tip extension is then inserted into the micro ring which is then compressed with special pliers – This compression holds the extension in place.

There are several different types of micro rings available: Copper Micro Tubes – These are longer and thinner than the aluminum version. The length helps the hold and the thinness makes them easier to hide but they can be the hardest to remove because the thin copper doesn’t reopen as easily when squeezed in the opposite direction. 100 pieces $7 (link). Silicone-Aluminum micro rings - These micro rings are lined with silicone, which helps to cushion, and help grip the hair and extension. These are probably the best rings for fine hair.


Micro Links are applied using ringlets, a thin portion of the clients natural hair with the micro link ring is squeezed together, in order to secure the extensions. This technique does not include bonding, glue, wax or any other type of product and will not harm the clients natural hair follicles. Micro-links are recommended to add length and fullness to fine textured hair. The number of links applied are based on the overall desired look as well as texture, length and fullness of the clients natural hair. When cared properly Micro-Links can last up to 4 months.


Keratin Tips are pre-tipped pieced (dipped in a protein wax) hair that are used to extend the length of the hair. This method includes bonding the natural hair with the extensions by using a heated tool. This technique is recognized as the fastest and simplest extension technique and we recommended this technique for clients who want to add length to their natural hair. The number of tips applied are based on the overall desired look as well as texture, length and fullness of the clients natural hair. We also offer the Keratin technique using weft hair, at an additional charge. For protection of your natural hair, we strongly recommend that clients return to Just Extensions to have their Keratin-Tip extensions professionally removed.


Skin Weft hair extensions is applied to the scalp with a double sided tape method. A thin portion of your hair is sandwich between two pieces of the skin weft human hair and sealed with a low heat for security. This application is great for thin or fine hair as its lays very flat and feels like your natural hair as well as gives your natural hair more volume and length. The skin weft application can be worn as your natural hair and can last 4-5 weeks before they need to be removed and reinstalled.


One Step Wefts, also known as the “braidless sewn-ins”, are installed using beads and weft hair. This method is very similar to the braided sew-in, except there is no braid necessary to install the hair for this technique. Using a thin portion of the clients natural hair, a ringlet is attached and the clients natural hair and the ringlet is then squeezed together. The weft is then attached by sewing over each bead to create a very flat and natural look. This technique is recommended for cleints with long hair looking to add fullness, color or and/or length.


Using the I-tip method to create the appearance of natural bangs without having to cut your own hair. If you have been thinking about getting bangs, but are afraid to cut your natural hair, this is the perfect solution!

Whether you want to frame your face or add volume to the top of your head, our clip-in bangs will do the job and help you change your appearance in minutes with no commitment or hassle.



Always comb out any tangles BEFORE washing your hair. Wet hair can increase damage of your natural and extensions hair.

Only use shampoo/conditioner/leave-in conditioner designed exclusively for hair extensions.

DO NOT apply excessive amounts of water to the hair at one time. Excessive water can cause the hair extensions to swell and tangle. Be sure to section and gradually wet the hair until it’s completely wet.

Apply shampoo starting at the roots, gently smooth the shampoo and conditioner in your hair by using your fingertips.

Be sure to rinse your extensions thoroughly to remove residue.

Rid excess water by wringing the hair with a towel and let it air dry. Always air dry your hair rather than wrapping it up in a turban like towel. This will pull at the hair extensions.


Avoid products containing alcohol as they are known to dull the shine of the hair.

We suggest a light pomade to smooth down your the edges of your hair.

We DO NOT suggest the use of oil on hair extensions, as this will wear the hair down. If you must use an oil, a light shine or mist is recommended.


When combing out your hair extensions, start from the bottom and work your way to the root of the hair. Gently remove any snarls, while holding the hair at the root. This will prevent the hair from excessive shedding. We recommend combing your extensions daily.

Refrain from using excessive heat.

Have your hair extensions professionally tightened every 4 to 6 weeks for longer wear.

Try sleeping on a satin pillowcase so that you are able to move your head freely without causing breakage or loosening your extensions.

Always tie your hair in one braid before going in chlorine or salt water.

When swimming, a swim cap is suggested to protect your hair extensions. Keep in mind that the force of the water may damage your natural hair, pull out your hair extensions and the chlorine in the pool may dry, dull, and discolor the hair.

If your extensions are exposed to chlorine or salt water it is important to wash your hair immediately with clarifying shampoo.


Removing your Extensions:

Hair Extensions should always be removed by a professional, to ensure that your natural hair is not damaged or pulled from the hair follicles in the process.